I care. I believe I’ve always been a caring person. Well, for most of my adult life anyway. I care very much about what I do, especially for other people. As a soap maker caring is of the upmost importance.

Why? I’m more than just a maker but a lover of soap. Before I knew that soap making was a possibility, I love, and still do, search for great soap. A great bar of soap can really jump start your day. How it feels and smells leaves a great impact. I care about what goes on my skin. I want to be clean but I love products that nourish the skin as well. Skin is the biggest organ of the body, it should be pampered.

I care because soap making is serious business. If soap isn’t made properly it can burn the skin. Whether gifted or sold, I never want my product to cause harm. Even though soap making isn’t complicated, care needs to be taken during the process. One shouldn’t be too relaxed. I tend to make mistakes when I rush. Therefore, I make all my products when I have plenty of time.

For my shop, I care about what customers want. I hope to make each person feel like I was thinking of them. I want people to love my products as much as I do. I always test my products with friends and family. However, I choose people that I know aren’t afraid to tell me the truth.

As I soap maker, I care for others as I care for myself.

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