Soap Making Makes Me Crazy!

When I decided to start making soap I didn’t realized how the waiting portions would get to me. They say that patience is a virtue. I believe it is. I’ve seen it in other people and admire it so much. However, when it time for me to learn to posse it, I often fail.

This is the hardest part about soap making. You have to be patient. I mix up all my ingredients and make some pretty design while putting it into mold. Now, let those ingredients become soap. However, for the next several hours, actually days, all I can do is think of that soap. I check the soap constantly. Did the mold fall off the table? That ‘s not very likely but it’s what goes thru my mind. I have to make sure it’s okay. I take tons of pictures, I smell it, touch the edges to see how hard it is. Are the colors morphing on me? Did something fall on it? Any reason to look it. The soap doesn’t have a chance to breathe.

Eventually, I realize I need to cool it. “Stop acting like a crazy person”, is what I tell myself. Then I put the soap up high where it is an inconvenience for me to mess with it. Out of sight, out of mind. That’s usually true but my house works against me. The heat or air comes on and now I can smell the soap through out the house. Now I have to tell myself not to go look at. I usually loose that battle. I take another look. Even with my constant peaking, I usually let my soaps sit two days before taking them out of the mold. I usually end up damaging my loaf when I take it out of the mold before the 48 hour mark. The fear of messing up my creation is one thing that keeps me from doing to much too soon.

Finally, I get the pleasure of cutting up the soap. It such a great feeling unveiling each bar. Now I have to wait four to six weeks to use my wonderful creation. I just wish there was faster way but there isn’t . Yes, there are some things that can be done to make the soap cure faster but it’s always better to cure the soap for longer periods of time. During this time I look at and smell the soap almost everyday. I’m just filled with excitement.

The waiting involved in soap making makes me a little crazy at times. I have to push myself to do other things to occupy my mind. Many times I purposely wait to make soap right before I have to leave home for a few days. Therefore, there is no chance of damaging the soap and I can relax.

I thought as time went by the wait would get easier but that doesn’t seem to be the truth. July 2021 will mark my fourth year as a soap maker. I know that I’m not as seasoned as others but the anticipation of unveiling my soap doesn’t seem to fade. Actually, it seems to get stronger. I’m just a crazy soap maker and I love it. Also, I know I’m not alone. There are other crazy soap makers just like me. That makes me very happy.

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