Expanding the Product Line

I love making soap. It’s what started this company. However, I have been considering selling other products. I have offered solid lotion bars with some success. I see so many others expanding their product line even further. Is that right move for me? Is it the right time?

When I first launched this website I was in the process of developing a deodorant. It’s still in development. I need to do a little more tweeking to get it just right. Creating a great product takes time due to testing, reformulating, and testing again. I could search the web for tried and true recipes but I love creating my own. I enjoy the process but sometimes I wonder if I should be concentrating on other aspects of the business.

Doing too much is one my fears. I don’t want to pull myself in too many directions. Space is something I have to consider when deciding to offer more products. Not to mention that I have to consider how well the product will sell. When products don’t sell it can be very discouraging.

I have a couple things cooking right now. When should I serve them up? Should I just concentrate on my soap sells for now? Decisions, decisions. Stay tuned for updates.

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