Lena is the owner and founder of The Soap Obsession Bath and Body Shop. Her love for bath and body products started at a very young age. In her early 20’s, she started making her own body butter and began her journey with natural deodorants. Shopping at health food stores for special soaps and lotions is one of her favorite pastimes. For her, there is no such thing as too much soap.

Lena at a Holiday Craft Show

In 2016, her interest in making soap came from stumbling upon an online soap making course. She was very intrigued and puzzled as to why she never heard about this before. Looking at the ingredients of her favorite bar of soap, she realized that she could make her own soap. After tons of research, numerous batches of soap, The Soap Obsession Bath and Body Shop was born in 2018.

The original plan was to launch this website in February of 2019. However, Lena was to become a mom. Making soap made her sick on the stomach. Therefore, the web store and soap making all together went on the back burner. With getting the hang of motherhood and COVID-19 making everyone house bound, she decide it was time to get the website up and running. With the help and encouragement of her wonderful husband this website became reality. Now that it’s here, Lena and her family are overjoyed. Lena is so thrilled to offer her luxurious products outside of her circle. The goal of The Soap Obsession Bath and Body Shop is to make luxurious bath and body products, using high-quality ingredients, that leaves the customer feeling soft, clean, fragrant, and loved.

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