Where do you ship?

As of this moment, we only ship within the United States of America.

What are the shipping rates?

The shipping rates are based on the weight. It will be shipped USPS First Class or Priority Mail. The rates and options will be provided during checkout.

How long before my order ships?

Please allow us 3 -5 business day to process and ship your order.

Will I get the bar of soap in the picture?

Most likely not. The bars of soap in the photo are for sale but there is no guarantee that it will be exact one you get. Remember, all of our soaps are handmade, therefore, no bar of soap will look the same. Also, the price listed is only for a single bar of soap.

How are your soaps made?

All soaps are handmade by Lena, the owner of The Soap Obsession Bath and Body Shop, with love and care.

The cold process method is used to create our soap. Cold process soap is made by mixing lye (sodium hydroxide) and water with oils. The combination of these ingredients causes a chemical reaction that turns the oils into soap. This reaction is called saponification and it take 24 hours. During the process of combining these ingredients additives such as fragrance, clays, and colorants can be added.

After saponification, the soaps are allowed to cure for 4-6 weeks. This curing time allows the water to evaporate from the soap. This creates a milder, harder, longer lasting bar of soap.

How do I take care of my soap?

The soap should be stored in a draining soap dish in between uses and kept away from direct streams of water. If not, the soap may melt very quickly.

What is your policy about refunds, returns, and cancellations?

Click the following link: RETURNS/REFUNDS